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Sustainable yet gorgeous.

Step out in style knowing that the shoes & accessories you’re wearing support more than just a small New Zealand business.

About us

LN Boutique’s story started with a trip to northern India and the discovery that beautiful well-made women’s shoes could also be supremely comfortable. Hand-crafted by Indian craftsman from the Punjab regions of Amritsar and Patiala, our vision is to give New Zealand women an elevated option when it comes to wearing flat shoes.

As a small business, our focus is on providing small runs of hand-made, modern shoes that instantly elevate any outfit. We focus on using innovative practices combined with quality materials that don’t compromise the environment.


Our mission

As a small business, we wanted to bring women more choice when it comes to their shoes and accessories. Now, flat shoes that look amazing, wear well, and support sustainable practices are no longer hard to come by. Made from quality leather and handmade processes, we make great shoes with no compromises on materials or price.

Learn about the artists who make our shoes. Every purchase supports their craft.

Construction of one pair of our juttis involves talent artisans from the Chamars, Rangaars and Mochis communities.

Our juttis are made from genuine leather fused together by an adhesive paste. The Chamars process the raw leather hides which are used along with a vegetable dyeing process. The outside of the shoe is layered with 100% cotton, or a cotton mix, while the beading and detailing is done with either adhesive paste or hand stitched. The Rangaars colour and paint the outside upper and lower hides while the Mochis complete the final stitching and embroidery.


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